Final Rights

Reclaiming the American Way of Death


The Anatomical Gift Program
Dept. of Neurobiology and Dev. Sci.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sci.
4301 W. Markham #510
Little Rock, AR 72205-7199



Moderate need
Cost to family: transportation outside the state; arterial embalming if there is a delay in pick-up and no refrigeration available
Prior enrollment: preferred
Over-enrollment: sharing can be arranged
Disposition: cremation; return of cremains by request
Body rejection: autopsy, trauma or mutilation, burn victim, decomposition, missing body parts, obesity, emaciation, destruction of internal organs, contagious or communicable disease such as hepatitis or AIDS


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  1. I would like more info on the program. I am 70 years old and want to make my own decisions on whats to be done when the time comes.

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