Final Rights

Reclaiming the American Way of Death


There are no medical schools in Montana. However, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho participate in the WWAMI Medical Education Program which allows Montana students to do their first year of medical school in-state before transferring to the University of Washington. Therefore, body donations are needed for gross anatomy classes in Bozeman.

WWAMI Medical Education Program
Montana State University
308 Leon Johnson Hall
P.O. Box 173080
Bozeman, MT 59715

406-994-3151 or 994-6516

Moderate need
Cost to family: program pays transportation within 225 mi.
Prior enrollment: preferred, not required
Over-enrollment: sometimes shared
Disposition: burial in county lot
Body rejection: standard*, cavity embalming, under 18, unhealed wounds, over-enrollment

* autopsy, decomposition, mutilation, severe burn victim, meningitis, hepatitis, AIDS, and other contagious or communicable diseases

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